T Death About

I don’t really care about you if I haven’t thought about what I’d say at your funeral.
— Russell
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A Co-Production between Magnalux and Gum Zoo Pictures, 'Tyrannosaurus Death!' is the latest film by award winning writer/director Adam Volerich. 'T-Death!' was conceived on a crisp fall morning after a whiskey-fueled viewing of 'Paris, Texas' culminated in a coffee-stained night's-long conversation about grief, guilt, love and existential dread. Adam is aware he is cliche but hopes this film is anything but. 

Production took place over four days in the sticky heat of a New Jersey Summer. The film was made by a very small crew of dedicated individuals whom are as talented as they are insane and stars a similarly disturbed band of powerhouse performers for whom any physical or emotional feat was never more than a breath away. Adam can not thank any of them enough, nor will he ever stop trying.

*     *     *

'Tyrannosaurus Death!' is a whimsical romp through suburban melancholy told through split timelines. We follow Russell, a traumatized loner who poetically narrates us through the past and present as he commits a life-altering faux pas and tries to bounce back from it.

In the past we see Russell in the lead up to the decision that forever changes him and in the present we watch him try to right his wrong, but the psychological self-harm caused by this decision has left him unable to take off a Dinosaur costume or speak out loud. He is aided on his journey to redemption by his twin sister, Maggie, and their friends.