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Partner Project Alert: Kevin Bacon on GQ&A Presented by Mont Blanc

A few weeks ago, Adam collaborated with the fantastic media team at NeueHouse to create a series of videos for GQ starring legendary character actor, Kevin Bacon. 

Bacon as well as Momofuku creator and chef, David Chang, sat down with GQ Editor at Large, Michael Hainey to discuss their creative process, the consequence of success or failure and anecdotal advice on how to achieve.

As a burgeoning filmmaker, I found the project particularly entertaining to work on. Kevin Bacon is perhaps the most self-aware man in Hollywood and his stories and advice were incredibly enlightening. 

I now have a Bacon Number of 1. What's yours?

"Keep the dreams, they're nice if they happen but if they don't... appreciate the things you have accomplished... And find something else outside of whatever your career happens to be that gives you pleasure and peace and excitement and joy because you're never going to stay the 'belle of the ball' forever." 

Similarly, David Chang's experience as a chef and entrepreneur has granted him wisdom in the pursuit of creative fulfillment. 

"27 to 32... that timeframe, you're just so dumb and anything seems possible. You think you can do anything and you know just enough to actually do something. It's that magical combination of being naive and hopeful and a dreamer enough that... all the bad ideas become good ideas and you're not afraid of anything." 

You can find the entire series here.