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Partner Project Alert: Captain Cyborg

Last week, Adam and fellow Magnalux contributor, Hanan Miller embarked on a journey to suburban New Jersey to collaborate with director Zack Morrison and Do It Live Pictures on their latest film, "Captain Cyborg". 

Adam with Alexander Jameson on the set of "Captain Cyborg"

"Captain Cyborg" follows a young boy named Jake who copes with incessant bullying by manifesting an imaginary friend and super hero, Captain Cyborg.

Jake and Captain Cyborg.

Jake was played by Alexander Jameson. You might remember him from an AT&T commercial he appeared in with SNL's Beck Bennett

Captain Cyborg himself is played by friend of Magnalux, Kevin Nunes. Magnalux Trivia: Kevin's hands stood in for Stephen Sebastian Chacon on a few inserts in ROLLING! Check out Kevin a short by our friends at Tick Tock Media Productions.

Adam lying down on the job.

Adam lying down on the job.