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MAGNALUX MYSTERY THEATRE Presents: Manhattan je te déteste

Welcome to **cue spooky music** MAGNALUX MYSTERY THEATRE!!

Every Friday we'll be digging up one of our favorite projects-- either from our own archive, a collaborator's archive, or a film that we love and admire from a new friend! 

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Directed by Dominick Nero and Adam Volerich 
Starring Jeff Prentky and Natasha Sydor

This film is special to us because it was the first big one.

Magnlaux had just been launched. We had just moved to New York City. After a few tiny shorts, the full team got together to produce an old-fashioned love letter to the city that we were so excited to call home. Yes, back then we were still excited about things!!

In hopes of emulating the greats of film comedy -- from Charlie Chaplin to Woody Allen -- we crafted a little story that was mainly silent, black and white, allowing our two actors do most of the storytelling. At this time, we had no qualms with stealing any music that we wanted, so the whole thing is scored with classic ragtime jazz and George Gershwin!

Oddly enough, this film scored thousands of hits on Vimeo, from unknown and unique viewers that we'll never know. How it reached such an audience? 'Tis one of the greatest mysteries of the Magnalux lore!

Compare to the legendary shot from Woody Allen's MANHATTAN below.

Compare to the legendary shot from Woody Allen's MANHATTAN below.

This thing was a joy to work on from start to finish. We feel lucky to have had such a great first experience as a team!

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