Cheese Shop About

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Cheese Shop’s writer/director Sammy Zeisel was in a creative slump in the summer of 2017 when he began a part-time job at a local cheese shop. He expected the job to be a respite from the challenges of adult life, but instead, he found those challenges reflected right back at him in every cheese-related task. Turns out wrapping a large hunk of gouda in clear plastic is not as easy as it looks. But there was something about the cheese itself–something about its varied beauty, its stinky deliciousness, its quiet patience–that nagged at him. And that nagging feeling became this little movie about adulting and the Zen of Cheese.


The film was shot in the very cheese shop that Sammy works at over the course of two long days in November by a team of intrepid young artists. It is his first film, and he hopes it is half as delicious to watch as it was to make.

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Cheese Shop takes place over the course of one long day at an artisan cheese shop. Ella, an out-of-work actress, struggles to wrap cheese in plastic, build trays, and cut every variety of cheese throughout her first day of work at the shop. Meanwhile, her life outside the shop appears to be falling apart: career failure, a break-up, and...bed bugs.

But an interaction with a sage cheesemonger and a particular block of cheddar helps to put everything in perspective. Cheese Shop is a bitter-sweet, funky little a simple wedge of cheese.