Great Light. Great Cinema.

Magnalux Pictures is a production team based out of New York City. Produced by writer/directors Dominick Nero and Adam Volerich, , the team is dedicated to creating quality content from every level of production.

Specializing in Narrative Filmmaking, but experienced in everything from commercial advertising to music video production, Magnalux is always on the lookout for new clients, and new ideas.

Have a script, pitch, or question for Magnalux? Please inquire within.


Dominick Nero

Philadelphia-born, raised on SCTV and Saturday Night Live, Dominick found his love for cinema through comedy.

After performing in various troupes onstage and onscreen, he discovered a love for Woody Allen, which sparked an obsession for filmmaking and the auteurs. Like Woody, Dominick hopes to engage the comedic tone in a personal, dramatic mindset.


Adam Volerich

Adam began making films as a stop motion animator, or as it is more commonly known, playing with LEGO.

Raised in the suburbs of London on a steady diet of fish n’ chips and Doctor Who he later relocated to the US where he discovered the wonders of Gogurt and independent cinema. When not watching or making movies he is searching for Sasquatch. 






Jeff Prentky

A Boston native and Rutgers alumnus, Jeff's filmmaking career began in college. After graduating, he started a freelance business making short promotional films for local companies.

Jeff practices comedy in all its various forms - sketch, improv, stand up, satire, and film. He also sells fish on the side and likes to hang out with his snake, Jim.